2015 May

Report of the Committee on Free Kindergarten Education 2015 May

The Committee on Free Kindergarten Education suggested full funding to part-time students, additional funding will be allocated to full-time students.

Our senior partner Dr. Moses Cheng (Chairman of the Committee) said it is difficult to implement full funding to full-time students within a short period of time. He claimed that if the government takes all the recommendations, it should increase 50%-70% resources, but he emphasized that public funds could not be used only on education as there are other urgent social needs. This report has already made a balance between ideal and reality. The Committee also suggested to introduce South Korea’s practice to Hong Kong: setting up kindergarten education resource centers in different districts in Hong Kong, providing professional training to kindergarten teachers. Regarding teachers’ remuneration, it is recommended to set up salary scale according to teacher’s years of continuous service and substantive rank, more details will be finalized soon.

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