11 January 2009

The second annual meeting of the 11th Session of the Beijing Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference

The Senior Partner of our firm, Mr. Moses Cheng, attended the second annual meeting of the 11th Annual Session of the Beijing Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference ("CPPCC"), and on the issue of how to stand up to the challenges regarding the financial tsunami and the reformation of the education system, Mr. Cheng has given some of his views which were reported in the News of the meeting.

The following is extracted from the 9th issue:-

In the afternoon on 11th January 2009, Group No. 22 of the Hong Kong and Macau CPPCC Committee discussed the working report of the Committee, affirmed the work done by the CPPCC and discussed this issues relating to the financial tsunami.

According to Mr. Moses Cheng (Solicitor of P. C. Woo & Co, Group No. 22), it is of utmost importance to expand domestic consumption since drastic changes are approaching in Hong Kong, and the situation of external trade will be critical. At the same time, the high rate of unemployment will create social problems which will be adverse to motivating domestic consumption. It is also necessary to locate new markets while expanding domestic consumption, and since the United States of America will not revive it consumption demands within a short period of time, the Government should guide the enterprises to explore new markets in the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Mr. Moses Cheng expressed that while information technology is developing and the internet is becoming more popular, when reforming the education system schools should instill a sense of life-long learning in the students. Schools should while developing the ability to learn independently, also emphasize on moral education so that students would be able to eliminate the immoral elements accessible on the internet and to enhance their self-discipline.

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