Listed Companies

With the increased burden under the Securities Ordinance, the ever-changing Listing Rules, and the ever-present risk of liability, complying with evolving Securities and Future Commission rules and other regulatory standards requires proper planning and balancing of legal and practical considerations. Experienced lawyers of our Firm have the experience and insight to advise corporations and related persons on governance and securities interpretive, disclosure, and accounting issues:

  • periodic and current reports preparation and reviews including evaluation of controls and procedures
  • Proxy statements related to annual and special meetings including shareholder proposals and e-proxy
  • Regulation and assessment of public disclosure of material information
  • Listing and corporate governance requirements under the Listing Rules of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong
  • Audit committee oversight and internal complaint investigations
  • reports by directors, officers, and other insiders
  • Connected and Related person transactions, special committees, and director fiduciary duties including the duty of care and the avoidance of conflict of interests
  • Indemnification considerations and D&O insurance

Our lawyers regularly work with chief executive officers, chief financial officers, and general counsels of corporate clients to implement best-practice compliance programs and promptly respond to emerging compliance concerns.

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