Charities & NFP Organizations

A unique element of the Hong Kong community is the participation of charities and not-for-profit organizations in the development and community building of Hong Kong.

More local schools and kindergartens are operated and managed by non-government organizations than those directly run by the government. However, most of these schools and kindergarten are subvented by the government; as such the school sponsors and management have to comply with the regulatory provisions and regulations issued by the government. They need the advice and support by experienced lawyers especially in the implementation of the school-based management under the Education Ordinance.

A lot of agencies providing social welfare services in Hong Kong are also operated and managed by charities and non-government organizations. Again they are funded substantively by government subvention and are therefore under the regulation of the government. With the introduction of the block grant policy by the government in recent years, NGO's are given more flexibility in managing their funding and services and are therefore shouldering more responsibilities. The need for professional legal advice is accordingly increased.

Through pro-bono services extended to churches, charities and not-for-profit organizations over the years, P. C. Woo & Co's team of lawyers were experienced and well-equipped to serve clients in this practice area. We fully understand and appreciate the environment and regulatory regime in which these agencies operate. As such the advice and services we provide to them would add value to the services they provide to the community.

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