Mergers & Acquisitions

Businesses grow by physical expansion or through mergers and acquisitions. M & A transactions require the proper structure, careful risk analysis and forward planning to deliver value and ensure success. Regulatory and governance issues must be clearly understood. The finance, tax, employment and intellectual property requirements must be aligned with the strategic objectives of the deal. Parties involved in such transactions demand the advice and support of quality and experienced professionals.

The trend of going cross-border and global in terms of business expansion and development by our clients in Hong Kong and on the Mainland of China in the past decade fuelled the acceleration of the development of the M & A practice of P. C. Woo & Co.

The lawyers of P. C. Woo & Co.'s M & A team together with their colleagues of the Perfectus Alliance can offer unrivalled local expertise on all aspects of public or private corporate transactions in Hong Kong and the Mainland of China. The ability of our lawyers to work together seamlessly, coordinate complex transactions successfully, address regulatory requirements, prepare local documentation, advise on tax matters, assist in due diligence investigations and deliver the required legal opinions covering multiple jurisdictions is a unique aspect of our practice fully endorsed by our clients.

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